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Recorded history shows for more than 13,000 years the Nez Perce, or the Nimiipuu ("The People"), occupied a vast region of approximately 13 million acres in the inland Northwest. Their fishing, food gathering, and trading activities extended across the present day states of Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Montana and westward down the Columbia River to trade with Pacific coastal tribes. The Tribe is recognized in the journals of Lewis and Clark as having served the Expedition with food, horses and sincere hospitality. 


Today there are currently 3,554 enrolled Nez Perce members, most of whom live on the 1,208-square mile reservation in north central Idaho. The Nez Perce are a place-based people who traditionally have sought to live and work among their cultural base and to have available to their children the chance to live fulfilling lives and the ability to celebrate their unique Plateau heritage with loved ones in a stable environment. 


The Tribe's overall vision is to provide a safe, secure setting to enhance the health and welfare of its residents, to fulfill economic development strategies of a strong, well-diversified economy, and to secure the Nez Perce heritage for cultural, educational, economic and environmental success. 


Wisteqn'eemit ("Nez Perce Giving and Sharing") reflects that vision as well. Formed as a 501(c)3 in 2015 by Tribal leadership and committed Tribe members, Wisteqn'eemit embodies the values and spirit of the Tribe and its people and provides a non-profit venue by which to expand opportunities for giving, sharing, and enhancing the Nez Perce way of life.  

Our Mission

To enable donors and friends to assist in the protection and advancement of the

Nez Perce culture and way of life.

Our Vision Statement  

  • To advance the social, cultural and economic prosperity of the Nez Perce people;

  • To continue to preserve, protection and enhance our precious natural resources; 

  • To provide more and better services and opportunities to the Nez Perce Tribe. 

People & Community

  1. Wisteqn'eemit will develop a strong organizational structure in order to benefit quality of life for Nez Perce Tribal members and their communities.

  2. Tribal sovereignty is respected in all Wisteqn'eemit efforts.

  3. Wisteqn'eemit encourages giving and sharing among Tribal members.

Arts & Culture

  1. Wisteqn'eemit supports activities to benefit Tribal arts and tradition, past and present.

  2. Tribal arts and culture are respected in all Wisteqn'eemit efforts.

  3. Wisteqn'eemit encourages a deep  cultural connection among Tribal members.

Nature & Environment

  1. Wisteqn'eemit supports projects to benefit our natural resources.

  2. The environment and its abundant resources are respected by Wisteqn'eemit efforts.

  3. Wisteqn'eemit encourages a strong sense of place among tribal members.

We also Provide

Fiscal Sponsorship // Technical Assistance // Networking // Resource Database // Mentorship​

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